The bride in this wedding is my good friend Arzuman’s daughter Ani. I’d like to mention here just his comment over one picture. From the words of the father of the bride: “ I am a catholic man, and as a custom dictates, I was the one taking my daughter to the church altar to give her hand in marriage to her husband. We were riding in limousine with our photographer my friend Hovik. Hovik asked us to lower down the windows of the car so as the bride’s face got better lighting. As we stopped at the crossroads, a car stopped by our limousine. Two bad boys were driving this cool car. When they saw the bride Ani with me(her father) next to her, one of them yelled out: “Hey look at this old man, what a young girl he’s got for a bride!”. Well, my good friend Hovik fixed this moment in a picture! Thus, I’d like to thank everyone for their congratulations, even though some might be a little off!”